CBD Online Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy CBD Oil

CBD Online Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy CBD Oil


Currently, we’re in the midst of a significant attitude shift towards the cannabis-derived compound cannabidiol. For years, CBD was incriminated alongside its psychoactive counterpart THC. As in-depth research from scientists has cast a positive light on cannabidiol, more states and countries have allowed or eased restrictions in the cultivation, production, and sale of CBD online.

In a perfect world, every CBD product that you purchase should be of the utmost quality. The CBD oil that you place on your skin or ingest should have been tested for harmful chemicals and CBD content. As you’ll come to find out, this isn’t always the case.

It’s for these reasons that we’ve put together this essential guide on buying CBD online. There’s never been a time up until now that such a vast array of CBD products were available – primarily online. With this guide, you’ll be empowered with crucial knowledge so you can buy high-quality, safe, and effective CBD oil from the comfort of your home.

CBD Products Are Not Created Equal

The legalization of cannabis in many states has led to an immense amount of CBD oil manufacturers. This increased availability can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. Many CBD businesses lack good manufacturing practices, such as proper labeling and testing. Alternatively, it creates competition which has the potential to decrease the overall cost.

Furthermore, CBD products are not equal because of the various components found within. Some oils are CBD isolates, while full-spectrum products contain high levels of THC as well. It’s essential that you know these categories and production practices to make an informed decision when buying CBD oil online.

CBD Isolate

If you’re seeking CBD oil that consists strictly of cannabidiol, then CBD isolate is the primary choice. Many of us that wish to indulge in CBD are doing it to alleviate various symptoms of pains and illness, so it makes sense that you’re searching for a relieving medicine rather than a psychoactive drug.

CBD isolate that’s derived from cannabis strains that contain high amounts of THC require a more involved process to single out cannabidiol from other cannabinoids.

Another reason for seeking CBD isolate is if your employer requires random drug tests, which would detect even small amounts of THC found in full-spectrum CBD products.

Full-Spectrum CBD

This is another essential type of CBD that’s routinely found throughout online and storefront marketplaces. It’s called full-spectrum because it consists of both THC and CBD. The ratios should be clearly presented on the label, and you’ll feel the effects of the THC in conjunction with relieving properties of CBD.

The “entourage effect” is a term that’s used to describe the benefits that you’ll experience when THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids are present together. Although there isn’t much evidence to support these claims, it’s essential to know that CBD effectively counteracts the effects of THC.

If you’re inclined to feel the psychoactive effects of THC while experiencing CBD, then full-spectrum CBD oil may be just right for you.

Find Compliant CBD Oil

The idea of compliance has become a major driving force in the overall cannabis industry, and the CBD market isn’t immune to these strict requirements. Regulators are demanding that CBD manufacturers properly label and test each CBD-based product. These new standards have already gone into effect in many states, but some CBD manufacturers aren’t playing by the rules.

Ultimately, these new regulations are meant to protect you and your overall health from dangerous pesticides and unknown dosages. Knowing what’s in – and not in – your CBD oil is critical knowledge that’s a right that everyone deserves.

Although not a requirement, labeling that shows you that your CBD oil was derived from organic cannabis or hemp plants is beneficial if you’re ethically inclined to sustainable practices.

By having an understanding of all of these facets will equip you with the necessary knowledge of choosing products that suit your exact needs.

Where is CBD Oil Sourced From?

CBD oil is derived from THC-rich cannabis plants and hemp. As the cannabis industry grows, more commercial cultivators will be held to the same standards as agricultural operators; meaning you’ll always know where your CBD oil was produced.

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil

Many confuse hemp to be an entirely different plant, but the truth is that hemp is cannabis. Hemp is a subspecies of Cannabis sativa and has been bred over many years for producing various materials, such as fiber, food, and construction materials.

Hemp naturally contains micro-amounts of THC but also can have a high concentration of CBD. You may be thinking that CBD found in THC-rich plants have an advantage over that of CBD sourced from hemp plants, but in fact, they’re the same. The only difference is that hemp doesn’t contain significant levels of THC, making it far more suitable for CBD production.

If your CBD oil is derived from hemp plants, then you can rest assured that there isn’t any THC present in your product.

Cannabis-Derived CBD Oil

This CBD oil differs from hemp-derived oil only in the method of extraction. Once a cannabis plant is run through an extraction process, a second step is necessary to separate the cannabidiol from THC and other cannabinoids.

It’s essential for CBD oil manufacturers to present you with clear labeling and testing that proves that the product doesn’t contain high amounts of THC.

What’s in Your CBD Oil?

Before you buy CBD oil online, you want to verify the ingredients found within the concentrate. It’s become essential to scan the ingredients list, just as you would in a grocery store when buying home goods.

Knowing what’s inside your CBD oil empowers you with the knowledge that you’re consuming something safe for your health, which should always be a priority.

This is easily accomplished if the online store or CBD brand shows a clear picture of the ingredient list. There shouldn’t be words that you’ve never seen before, and if there is, it’s best to Google them to find out if they’re chemically or naturally-based.

Hemp-based CBD oils should only contain hemp-seed oil, cannabidiol, and vitamins naturally found within the seed. There will be small amounts of other natural molecules, such as terpenes, plant wax, lipids, and water.

CBD oil derived from THC-rich cannabis plants becomes slightly complicated because many producers use chemical solvents to extract cannabinoids. These solvents are butane and ethanol. Solventless methods are also employed, such as extraction via CO2.

CBD oil that’s produced from THC-rich cannabis must be tested to prove to you that there aren’t any harmful amounts of chemical residues present in the end product.

CBD Oil Brands & Online Seller Recognition

Potentially the most crucial aspect that you need to understand before you buy CBD online is a seller’s reputation.

Whether you’re buying directly from a CBD oil brand or from a resellers website, it’s essential to read reviews from other customers’ experiences. These reviews are akin to a canary in a coal mine, where they could keep you from a bad experience.

Although every review may not be real, a high number of shining reviews should be enough evidence that the CBD oil is good quality.

Another aspect to search for when you buy CBD online is if the company or reseller website offers a warranty. Warranties in the cannabis industry are few and far between, but this useful practice is a bright sign that a company takes its customer service seriously.

The last thing you should ever consider is purchasing a CBD oil from an unknown seller that does not offer test results.

Is CBD Legal in Your State?

The answer to this question will determine whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of buying CBD oil online. The United States is home to many cannabis-friendly states, but it’s critical to know the specific laws that govern the sale of CBD-related products in your particular state.

The states that are illegal to purchase CBD oil are Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. These three states appear to have the harshest laws regarding anything related to cannabis in the country.

Every other state allows CBD products that test below 0.3% THC. This is why you’re more likely to discover CBD isolate and CBD oil rather than full-spectrum CBD oil when shopping online. It’s more likely that you’ll find full-spectrum CBD products in-store locations that are based in states that recognize recreational and medicinal cannabis use

CBD Oil Extraction Techniques

There are two types of categories that are essential to know when dealing with CBD oils. Solvent-based CBD oils are extracted using a chemical solvent, such as butane or ethanol. Solventless CBD oils don’t use chemical-based solvents, but instead, use CO2, heat, pressure, or even tumbling.

Solvent-Based CBD Oil

So far, research shows that consuming CBD oils that were extracted using solvents is safe, as long as the residual chemical content is negligible. This means that CBD oil manufacturers must purge any residual solvents as much as possible before the product lands on store shelves.

As discussed previously, this is why it’s absolutely crucial that you only purchase products that were lab tested. These tests should show you the exact amounts (if any) of residual solvents and chemicals applied during the cultivation process.

Most solvent-based CBD oils are processed with butane or ethanol, which are then heated within “closed-loop” systems that allow the excess solvents to dissolve. After multiple refinement processes, the end product is purged of the vast majority of the solvent.

Solventless CBD Oil

You’re more likely to encounter CBD oil that’s produced from solventless methods when you buy CBD online. CBD oil that’s made from CO2 is by far the most common that you’ll find online. You’ll also find more niche varieties that are made from high-pressure rosin systems or through dry-sift machines that tumble large quantities of CBD flowers.

You can rest assured when ingesting CBD oil that’s produced from CO2, considering carbon dioxide is the main constituent in the carbonation process of soft drinks. Of course, CBD oil that’s extracted with CO2 won’t fizz like sparkling water, but rather, remain scentless and potentially flavorless.

How Much CBD Oil Will You Need?

This is the age-old question, and the answer is that only you can find out. What we can tell you is that you must find this out through experimentation. If you’re new to CBD oil and related products, then it’s imperative that you begin slow and small.

CBD oils come in various strengths, and you may or may not benefit from buying the most potent product. This means that you shouldn’t buy a large amount of CBD oil first, but rather, purchase a small quantity and see how it affects you.

Each and every person is different, as are the ailments that affect us, therefore it’s best to test your preferred CBD products before purchasing in bulk. Buying CBD oil online is exceptionally advantageous because you have many products at your fingertips.

How Much Should You Pay For CBD Oil When Buying Online?

Nothing is worse than purchasing a product for a high price only to be let down by the effects. This is a reality that many consumers face when buying CBD oil online without a guiding light.

Alternatively, the same miserable experience is possible when buying an incredibly cheap CBD oil online. So, how can you know that you’re paying a fair price for CBD products? The answer is based on how well the manufacturer presents details about their product.

This means that you should easily find information on:

  • Test results that include CBD content and residual chemical analysis
  • How it was produced (whether with solvents or solventless)
  • Whether it was produced from THC-rich cannabis or hemp
  • All ingredients other than CBD
  • If it’s organic or not
  • The strain that it’s derived from
  • The company that produced it with their contact information
  • If it follows all compliance regulations
  • The amount of CBD in the product

If the CBD oil that you intend on buying feature this amalgamation of information, then you should rest assured that your money will be well spent. You should always focus on quality rather than quantity, especially when it comes to alternative medicine such as CBD.

The average amount that you’re likely to spend on a 1-oz (30mL) glass bottle filled with CBD oil is roughly $40. The price doubles as the volume doubles, making this product seem relatively expensive.

This is why we’ve stressed that you follow our essential buyers guide when you buy CBD online to ensure that each drop is highly effective and well worth your money.

How to Use CBD Oil and What You’ll Need

CBD oil is derived from various extraction techniques, and it’s currently one of the most popular forms available to consumers. Considering CBD has become popularized outside of the cannabis community, many aren’t versed in the variety of ways of consuming CBD oil.

It’s best to understand how you’ll use CBD before you buy it because you may need additional products depending on your method of consumption.

Vaporizing CBD Oil

If you decide that vaporizing CBD oil is the best method for you, then you’ll need to invest in a vaporizer that’s compatible with CBD concentrates. The vast majority of vaporizers on the market are cross-compatible with dry herbs and sticky concentrates.

Topical CBD Oil

This method doesn’t require any special tools and is ideal for those that don’t wish to smoke, eat, or vaporize their CBD oil. Topical CBD oil is perfect for rubbing onto a sore ankle or a wrist that’s prone to arthritis.

Ingesting CBD Oil

Similar to topical CBD oil in the sense that you don’t need any special tools for this method. Many edible CBD oils are loaded into capsules for easing dosing, or they’re dispensed directly into your mouth with the use of a dropper.

Dabbing CBD Oil

Dabbing has become a widespread phenomenon within the cannabis community over the years. It requires you to have a bong-like device that uses a “nail” in place of the bowl. The metallic nail is heated to a hot temperature, and a small portion of CBD oil is carefully placed onto the sizzling surface.

As the CBD concentrate immediately begins to burn, you’re hit with a significant lungful of CBD-filled smoke. Dab rigs, also known as oil rigs, are usually an expensive investment, so it’s wise to understand how these work if this is how you choose to consume your CBD oil.

Knowledge is Power

Now that you’re fully equipped with the necessary knowledge to make insightful decisions, you can browse online CBD retailers with confidence. There’s nothing more valuable than understanding the intricacies of various CBD oils, and through this guide, your online buying experience will ultimately be enhanced.